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Personal Reputation Management: Why Is It Important?

In today’s guide we see how to deal with personal reputation management and why it is an important step to increase one’s credibility and, consequently, turnover.

Why is looking after your reputation important?

When we talk about online and offline reputation management , we often think of services intended exclusively for companies .

This is largely true. Companies often find themselves facing a reputational crisis, or in any case, they feel more closely the need to monitor and guide people’s perception of them. It must be said, however, that we all have an online reputation: whether we want it or not .

This means that we cannot take our Personal Reputation perception towards others lightly , also because this could lead us to really risky situations. With today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at the world of negative reviews online and personal reputation management..

It’s not just for celebrities

Another misconception regarding personal Online Reputation Management concerns the subjects who can benefit from this practice. It is often believed that celebrities such as politicians, actors, singers or prominent public figures are in need of services and practices that help them monitor and safeguard their reputations.

Again, this is half the truth.

Certainly public figures are more exposed to the eyes of the media and the press. This means that their reputation is exposed to possible crises on a daily basis. But online personal reputation management isn’t just about the prominent figures in our society.

This is reinforced or modified daily by our actions, by what people who know us say about us and above all by the amount of data we disseminate on the web.


They look at their Facebook profile , monitor their past and try to get an idea of ​​the profile, even before carrying out an interview.

This means that your online reputation could jeopardize your working future .

Are you starting to identify some important reasons why you should be careful?

A parallelism to understand its importance

A useful way to understand the importance of online personal reputation management is to make a parallel with what your hygiene is.

Most people choose to brush their teeth, take a shower and more generally take care of their hygiene on a daily basis.

This, in addition to being a wise decision for our health, is the most logical thing to do to live a socially acceptable life .

Now try to answer this question: who is responsible for our personal hygiene ?

It is an individual responsibility.

Unless you are a child, you have no excuse.

Honestly speaking, however, we are all willing to spend these resources to have socially acceptable hygiene.

If we stop taking care of our body we will certainly run into social problems.

It is a natural thing: who would like to have direct contact with a person who visibly neglects their hygiene?

This parallelism might seem surreal.

This is actually a perfectly fitting comparison.

Just like our hygiene, the personal reputation of each of us is an individual responsibility .

Every day we have to work so that our reputation does not suffer terrifying blows.

If we don’t do this and let chance shape our reputation, we could run into some serious social problems.

As you can see, the parallelism is already starting to be less surreal. But let’s move on.

What if you neglect your personal reputation

In addition to the aforementioned social problems, neglecting our personal reputation online and offline can cause us many inconveniences . It is difficult to define what are the real causes of a lack of care in personal reputation management. Problems can vary based on the extent of the damage and the situation. But let’s try to make some assumptions.

In the workplace, the information that defines your online reputation can influence (for better or for worse) the evaluation of your profile by recruiters.

As for your personal life, it happens not infrequently that information that you would have liked to keep secret, can leak and end up in the hands of public opinion.

Benefits in reputation management

Properly managing your personal reputation, online and offline, will not only allow you to avoid the problems we have talked about so far, but will allow you to enjoy incredible benefits .

Define yourself

It is often said that personal branding is what people say about you when you are out of the room .

This concept is even more true when it comes to reputation. The people around you will still get an idea of ​​who you are.

On a daily basis we communicate to others what we are through the attitudes and objects we possess. Online the speech does not change.

People are able to get an idea of ​​who we are through the data we scatter around the net.

This means that through a correct personal reputation management strategy , we are able to modify and define what is the perception towards us .

Generate relationships

Properly managing your online reputation means building a personal branding strong enough to be able to withstand a possible crisis .

This will allow you to get in touch with people and initiatives that can improve your life.

Taking care of your online reputation means defining your personal and professional profile.

This means that others will notice you and begin to frame you in the right light.

At the end of this article, I hope you have sincerely understood the reasons why you should look after your personal reputation management.

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