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12 Simple Tactics That Will Boost Your Online Reputation

The fact is, everyone has a personal brand. Our digital environment is so vast that almost everyone has a virtual identity, even if you are not the one controlling and monitoring it. The simplest approach to personal branding is to simply start taking control.

1. Connect with a new person every day

The idea of ​​a “personal brand” sounds so big and scary that some people don’t even try. There’s no need to be afraid of personal branding. This is nothing more than building relationships Online Reputation.

One of the most authentic and easiest ways to boost your online reputation is to reach people. How to do this? It’s easy, here are some suggestions:

  • Find someone on LinkedIn who is in your industry and who you would like to connect with and submit a request
  • Send a Facebook message to an old friend or someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

As you expand your social network, you will also improve your reputation.

2. Write a guest post

Writing an article as a guest has been one of the most effective methods to grow my personal brand. Through the articles, I have reached an audience that I could never reach any other way.

While writing guest articles takes a lot of time and effort, it is certainly worth it. To start writing as a guest you will need to work on some content. If you have your own website or blog, this is a great starting point.

Later, identify other blogs in the same industry and ask those responsible if they accept guest-written articles.

3. Sign up for HARO

One method of improving your online reputation is to appear in the press. How to do this? There are some free (or inexpensive) methods to be in the news Online Reputation.

The platform helps journalists find experts and stories. Registration is free and you can get in touch with journalists from Fox, Gannett, AP, and other outlets.

4. Register for the webinar

Webinars are online presentations where multiple hosts discuss a specific topic. Companies are using webinars to educate customers on certain subjects. 

The vast potential for reach and the level of knowledge among the debaters make webinars strong tools. Through them, you can influence hundreds (if not thousands) of people in a short amount of time. Your name, your reputation and your brand – it’s all driven by it.

Launching your webinar can be expensive, complicated, and time-consuming. That’s why I suggest finding a partner company that already makes use of the platform. Webinar hosts are always looking for people to interview, cite and interact with.

Extra tip: If you are able to create really good webinars on Periscope, many investors and influencers involved in business will share your content with the public. For example, when Gary Vaynerchuk streamed the “Ask Gary Vee Show” over Periscope, Chris Sacca and a few other Twitter investors shared their stream with the public.

5. Recommend someone on LinkedIn

This is a very simple tip that will take you five minutes (or less). Go to Linkedin, find someone you work with, and write a short recommendation. Simple, no? By taking just a few minutes to write a recommendation, you boost your online reputation. That’s because you show the other person that you consider them, recognize their work, value their experience and therefore want to publicly praise them.

Every time someone looks at that profile on Linkedin, they’ll see your recommendation for the person. With this, the person who received your recommendation will thank you for your goodwill gesture, and will likely reciprocate with a recommendation for you.

A very quick way – a simple act of kindness – that can help improve your online reputation.

6. Create a LinkedIn group

Creating groups on Linkedin is a revolutionary method of increasing your audience. You can connect with hundreds of people in a short amount of time.

I created the Marketing Leaders of America group on LinkedIn. In just a few months, the group had over 9,000 people. Managing the group and the discussions doesn’t take up a lot of time, most of it is up to the participants themselves.

In the meantime, I enjoy group interaction and share what I have learned with others.

7. Talk to leaders

Never be afraid to connect with influential people. This may be the most meaningful thing you will ever do. Building your personal brand is all about influence. If you don’t have a big platform, find someone who does and use that to build yours.

A simple way to do this is to follow influential people on Twitter and interact with them. Ask her questions, mention or share her posts. Simple recognition will help to associate you with these leader thoughts, improving your own reputation.

8. Make videos

When you’re developing your personal brand, you need to recognize what works for you. Not everyone will be involved with webinars, guest blogging, or podcasting.

Brian Dean used videos to build his personal brand. When we got in touch with Brian, in the process of creating my personal brand, he told us that video is the best way to grow your personal brand. No other way comes close. I’m planning to create 25 high quality videos so readers can get to know me better.

Videos allow you to communicate on two levels – visual and auditory. This dual approach favors the creation of your brand and raises your level of influence.

9. Have a professional photo

A good photo is, without a doubt, essential to grow your online reputation. I would even venture to say that choosing a bad photo can harm your reputation. Here are my top three tips for your photo:

  • Hire a professional photographer. Taking a simple photo like a selfie is not the best option for a professional profile picture. Choose a professional, you will spend a little more, but it will be an investment that will be worth it.
  • Use the same photo on all your social networks. The same photo on all social media sites will help you build trust and consistency.
  • Smile. A smile is a universal expression of kindness and goodwill. So smile.

10. Create a slogan for yourself

A statement or slogan is a useful way to define your personal brand. Michael Hyatt calls it “a catchy slogan for the brand.” This appellation fits you as an individual and as a brand.

A slogan is memorable and unique , and serves to expose the company’s culture. You can develop a slogan for your personal brand that makes it clear who you are and what your essence is.

11. Keep your visual platform unified

The best brands have a streamlined look. The website, Apple ads and even the iPhone all look and feel the same. That kind of cohesion is an important part of the brand.

The same should be in personal branding. Aim to use the same design, colors, images and style when building your profile on social media, website and other online platforms.

12. Simplify the way people will find you

One of the best ways to keep people in touch is through your website. If you have a part of the site that talks about you , add a contact form, or your email address.


You can control your online reputation. With care and a little time, you can develop the figure you’ve chosen.

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